3d view of the courtyard elevations

Extract from the Design and Access Statement illustrating the details of the scheme (image courtesy of the Planning Bureau/McCarthy & Stone Retirement Lifestyles Ltd)



McCarthy & Stone Retirement Lifestyles asked us to get involved with a project in the historic centre and conservation area in Wickham in Hampshire. The Council wanted to see a high quality development that related positively to the historic context and took the view that an apartment scheme would be difficult to integrate successfully into the urban grain. 


Townscape Solutions produced a character appraisal of the site and context as a guide to the architect and also liaised closely with the in-house design team as the design progressed. The resultant design was positively received by the local design review panel and overcame initial resistance from the Council to gain planning approval in June 2013 (subject to S.106). 



Conservation area/listed buildings plan
Conservation area on historic plan
Legibility analysis
Character areas
Urban grain principles
Historical development
Figure ground plan
Architect's sketch of the frontage

Urban Design & Masterplanning